Silvia Tsocheva Biography

Glasserie Studio was found by the artist Silviya Tsocheva in 2014.

Silviya was born in 1985 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She received her Masters in Monumental Arts – mosaics, frescos and stained glass art from the Veliko Tarnovo University, 2010, in the studio of S. Rangelov. During 2007 she received her Bachelors in Scenography – performance design – from the Academy for Fine Arts Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her high school education is from the National School for Theater Arts with focus on wig and make up design, 2004.

She works in all of the following areas: stained glass, mosaics, painting, icon painting, glass mosaics, and glass etching.

The studio specializes in contemporary as well as in classical and religious art.

One of its many lines of work is designing and executing glass artwork for the contemporary interior or exterior spaces. The work could be either a standalone piece of art or as a part of a large ensemble work including a light fixture, mirror, sculpture and plastic panel.

The stained glass work used in modern interiors transforms the space, brings in color, light effects, and forms. It subordinates everything surrounding it.

The work is enhanced both by natural and artificial light. The different times of day and of year in addition to the designed artificial light give delightful play of colors and contrasts.

The Studio specializes in individual custom orders and guarantees the uniqueness and exclusivity of each piece.

According to the desired effect and artistic vision the techniques vary from Tiffany, classic lead stained glass, painted stained glass, mosaic, glass mosaic, glass etching and more.